The Board and Executive Team at ANM have a vision to create a new purpose-built auction centre, rural community, events and retail hub fit for the future on its own land at Thainstone. A bespoke North-East agri hub that will serve the future needs of our regional economy for the next 40-50 years. That vision will maintain the pre-eminence of the auction ring as the best possible place to do business.

A series of opportunities will be launched in August for everyone to contribute their views on the best way to recognise our achievements so far at Thainstone, and the scale of the potential for the future. The opportunity for engagement will run for the remainder of this year

As we formulate our plans, we welcome any and all contributions from our growing member/shareholder base, existing and new Thainstone partners and users, the local community, as well as regional and national stakeholders.

Make your contribution in confidence by completing our online feedback form below, or by calling Katie McRobbie on 01467 623752.