Opened in 1990, the Thainstone Centre is the beating heart of the rural economy of northeast Scotland. A pioneering development, a purpose-built auction centre and rural hub for the region.

The Board and Executive Team at ANM have a bold and ambitious vision to explore the concept of creating a new bespoke auction centre, rural community, events and retail hub on its own land at Thainstone that is fit for purpose for future generations looking ahead to the next 30-40 years of ANM. The vision for a new, all-purpose agri hub in the northeast is an exciting one although we recognise there are lots of challenges to face up to in order to get it right.

We’re in the strong position that we have options to consider – do we invest in the current centre or explore alternative options on the wider site at Thainstone?

As we formulate our plans, we welcome any and all contributions from our growing member/shareholder base, existing and new Thainstone partners and users, the local community, as well as regional and national stakeholders.

Make your contribution in confidence by completing our online feedback form below, or by calling Katie McRobbie on 01467 623752.