Where we started…

Established in 1872, ANM Group Ltd is one of the largest and most progressive producer-owned farming, food and finance businesses in Scotland and ranked in the top 25 of UK co-operatives.

We have played a key role in the supply chain since our beginnings and continue to offer our customers multiple routes to market, allowing the best price to be achieved and establishing the true value of their goods. Our auctioneers, and our rings, have been delivering the very best, and transparently fair value for 150 years, with more people recognising the benefit of the ring, bringing together buyers and sellers to generate competition for their goods. As a business we are constantly evolving including our technology, however the principle remains – delivering fair value through an open and transparent auction.

What we do for our members…

As a co-operative organisation our members are at the core of our business. With more than 150 years at the centre of the agricultural and business community in Scotland and highly diversified with interests in the land and property market, industrial plant, machinery and equipment, and in the events and hospitality industry, we are dedicated to maximising returns for our 5,000 members. Our well-established business and agricultural hub headquartered at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie in Aberdeenshire is well-known and respected in the community attracting thousands of visitors to the local area each year. With centres located across Scotland in Elgin, Caithness and in the Isles, ANM Group works resolutely in our members interests, returning members benefits and investing not only back into our business but into the wider local economy.

What is a co-operative organisation?

A co-operative business is owned and operated by and for the benefit of its members. Co-operatives provide services to members to meet their shared needs. Discover the power of your co-operative here.

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