Farming and the Future – A Discussion Document on Agricultural Policy

In celebration of ANM Group’s 150th year of business the Group were delighted to host a conference in July, which examined the vital themes of agriculture and climate change, drawing on insights from well-known industry voices. As part of the #ANMBeyond150 campaign the cooperative has been highlighting the positive work that is underway on farms and agricultural businesses across the country to tackle the twin climate and biodiversity crises, against an increasingly challenging economic backdrop.

The key discussions from the ANM Beyond 150 Conference have been brought together in the Farming and the Future – A Discussion on Agricultural Policy document.

#ANMBeyond150 Campaign

Throughout our 150th year celebrations in 2022, our #ANMbeyond150 campaign is highlighting the good work which Scottish agriculture is delivering now to protect our environment and our climate. The Scottish food and drink sector is Scotland’s biggest economic driver worth over £15 billion and our red meat sector is at the heart of a thriving rural economy and making great strides towards net zero.

The challenge 

Climate change presents a challenge to us all, and every individual, business and organisation must take steps to address it. Steps are being taken now on farms to cut emissions, and with 56% of farmers already focusing on the future and sustainability Scottish agriculture has seen a 15.9% reduction in net emissions over the last 30 years.  We can help our members and the wider agricultural community to continue doing what they do best, in a way which meets the climate challenge head-on. At the same time, we also have a responsibility to challenge the often-misleading reporting about our industry’s contribution to climate change.

The campaign 

Our #ANMbeyond150 campaign is highlighting the positive actions our members and customers are taking that will help secure another prosperous 150 years for our industry.  

With help from the next generation, we are creating a video campaign to share our story and raise awareness of how the agricultural sector is adapting to be more sustainable. Hear from Grant Rogerson to see how you can get involved.

Our ask of you 

We want to celebrate the good work you are doing, and we are asking you to support our campaign in the following ways:  

  1. Tell us what you are doing. Agricultural businesses are at the heart of everything we do, and we would like to hear from you on the actions you are undertaking in your business – no matter how big or small – to reduce your environmental footprint and secure the future of the agriculture sector for another 150 years. Get in touch with us at
  2. Share our #ANMbeyond150 content. Look out for the #ANMbeyond150 hashtag on social media, and like and share our posts and videos. You can find us on Facebook at  
  3. Join the discussion. Add the #ANMbeyond150 hashtag to any photos and videos you are posting from your agricultural business and join the discussion.
  4. Download and share our #ANMBeyond150 social cards. Our social media cards can be downloaded here. Share them on your social media using the #ANMBeyond150 and spread the word.

Katie McRobbie, shares what we are doing here at the Thainstone Centre to support a sustainable future. Read more about, our sustainable practices here.


Follow our video campaign on our YouTube channel here.

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