As a co-operative, the more business we do, the more we can share the proceeds of our success with our members. Our values are clear – service first, and purpose before profit; we are here to deliver for the members of our co-operative – that’s what makes us different.

Grant Rogerson, Chief Executive

Our members are the core of our business, and we recognise the power of working together. At ANM Group Ltd we are proud to deliver returns for our members and customers year on year.

The power of a co-operative, the benefits of membership and using our services.

Our unrivalled membership benefits:

  • Reduced livestock commission rates from as low as 2.5%
  • Enhanced livestock finance rates for short- and long-term agreements
  • Members Investment Scheme that offers highly competitive rates of interest on investments
  • Members shares deliver a return of up to 2% above the base rate of interest
  • 10% discount at The Bothy Country Kitchen

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Do you want to join our co-op?

  • Our members saved £753,000 due to reduced commission rates
  • The more who use our services, the more who benefit
  • 14% Uplift in Member Investment

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