Farming and the Future – A Discussion Document on Agricultural Policy

In celebration of ANM Group’s 150th year of business the Group were delighted to host a conference in July, which examined the vital themes of agriculture and climate change, drawing on insights from well-known industry voices. As part of the #ANMBeyond150 campaign the cooperative has been highlighting the positive work that is underway on farms and agricultural businesses across the country to tackle the twin climate and biodiversity crises, against an increasingly challenging economic backdrop.

To address these challenges, a new policy direction is required. For the first time in a generation, Scotland has a major opportunity to design a new agricultural policy that is fit to Scotland’s unique agricultural sector, and allows farmers to do more to improve sustainability, whilst enabling the sector to sustain and grow.

The key discussions from the ANM Beyond 150 Conference have been brought together in the Farming and the Future – A Discussion on Agricultural Policy document.

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