ANM Group unveils Farm Profit Programme: Making Livestock Pay

Leading farmer-owned co-operative, the ANM Group, has officially launched its Farm Profit Programme: Making Livestock Pay in partnership with the Farmers’ Journal and with the support of the Scottish Government at last night’s launch and information event held at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie.
Following concerns at board level with the CAP reform impact on livestock production, a series of focus groups were conducted by ANM Group with its members and customers, which revealed that there was an appetite for a new approach in how the co-operative could help livestock producers.
This led the ANM team to Ireland to examine the Better Farm programme – a project led by Farmers Journal which delivers an intensive technical support to farmers – which inspired the co-operative to develop a similar programme for Scotland. 
The objective of the programme is to improve the technical performance and profitability of livestock farmers in the region through dissemination of best practice, with the vision to lead a livestock revival in the North and North East of Scotland, to be a source of technical information and innovation and to help livestock producers grow and prosper.
This joint project will see ANM Group and the Farmers’ Journal work with six focus farms and eight focus groups, over a four-year period, within the trading area of ANM Group which stretches from Caithness to Angus.
John Gregor, Executive Director of ANM Group, said: “We are delighted to launch this project and continue playing a major role in supporting farmers and their business during this time of change in the industry. We are confident the Farm Profit Programme will deliver value to our members, customers and all stakeholders in the farming sector. The backing for this programme has been outstanding from everyone and we are pleased to see the Scottish Government supporting us as we work together to ensure the sector is fit for many years to come.”
Two full-time livestock advisors will support the farmers in developing and implementing a three-year strategic plan. As part of the programme, farmers will receive an intensive technical knowledge service and guidance on how to achieve agreed targets. Farmers will further benefit by working with SAC Consulting which will carry out a whole farm review (WFRS) and set independent benchmarks to monitor and measure performance.
Eight focus groups will also be established across the region comprising of 10 to 15 likeminded farmers. The farmers will focus on their systems, businesses, discuss challenges, share experiences and implement advice relevant to their farms. The objective of the focus groups is to provide a platform to ask questions, challenge thinking and drive results.
Justin McCarthy, CEO and Editor of the Farmers’ Journal, commented: “We are happy to work with ANM Group on this exciting project and aim to repeat the success achieved from our own Better Farm Programme. Being part of this project is a fantastic opportunity for those involved in further developing their farming and business skills alike and we encourage anyone interested to get involved.”
Regular journey updates about the farmers participating in this programme will be available online at and in print on a quarterly basis. This will include key learnings, successes and challenges from the knowledge transfer programme.
Uel Morton, Chief Executive of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), said: “QMS welcomes ANM’s successful application to the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF). This initiative is great news for the Scottish livestock farmers which helps build confidence and improve the resilience of the industry moving forward.”

For more information please contact any ANM auctioneer or fieldsman to get involved. Call 01467 623 752 or email