Thainstone – Weekly Sale of Store Cattle – Friday 26th April 2024

Friday 26th April 2024 
Weekly Sale of Store Cattle at 10.00am in Ring 2

  • Entries

    Entries Include: 130 Ex Orkney & Shetland (31 Charolais Heifers How Farms, Sanday; 20 Swanny Farm; 20 Lower Hobbister & Nigley; 20Bigton & Dale) 100 Charolais Cross and Limousin Cross Boganlea New Byth; 60 Westerloch; 55 Limousin Cross Heads of Auchinderran; 50 South Cranna Farm, Charolais North Cranna Farm; 40 Dinnet Farms; 30 Cranna; Ardgathen Croft, Midtown Strachan, Milton of Noth, Rovie, Charolais Cross/Simmental Cross Steers Bridgend Farms; 25 Blackhole, Doonby, South Mains of Auchreddie, Simmental Cross Haremoss; 22 Sundayswells; 20 South Byebush;

    Entries Close Wednesday 24th April at 12.00noon.

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