Thainstone celebrates 25 year hub milestone


Since first opening its doors on the 3rd January 1990, Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire has become one of the largest livestock markets in Europe.
As a diverse agricultural base in the North East of Scotland - attracting buyers and sellers from all corners of the UK, the Centre processes over 90,000 cattle and 300,000 sheep every year leading to an annual throughput of some £110 million. It serves farmers from all over the North, North East and Islands of Scotland as well as the wider public in Aberdeenshire.
Prior to the opening of Thainstone, the ANM Group had many livestock marts all over the North East of Scotland, however during the 1980s the Group looked to centralise its trade and with John Lind appointed as its first Chief Executive in 1984 change was in the offing. The years to follow saw the closure of several of the Group’s marts in the North East and the land sold off for development, paving the way for the financing of the new livestock centre.
Since its move to Thainstone, ANM has diversified in order to provide a wider range of services to its customers.  As a result, the Group has evolved into five divisions: Aberdeen & Northern Marts; Aberdeen & Northern Estates; Thainstone Specialist Auctions; Thainstone Events and Highland Cuisine; and Maverston Estate and Golf Course, all unique in the services that they provide.

These changes to the Group have been mirrored by the expansion of the Centre itself to accommodate a flexible and adaptable event venue through Thainstone Exchange, Porterhouse Restaurant, a shop front for Aberdeen & Northern Estates and a new vehicle and furniture hall.
John McIntosh, Group Chairman, said: “The Centre has become much more than just a livestock market. The various developments over the years have allowed our divisions to expand beyond what we previously thought possible. We now organise and host a range of events, exhibitions, and sales here throughout both on a weekly basis and throughout the year.”
The Group will now look to the future and the possibility of further developing the Thainstone site. With several potential opportunities on the horizon the Centre looks to be in as optimistic position as ever and the Group will no doubt look to push Thainstone further into the forefront of agriculture in the UK.