ANM Group celebrates Coop Fortnight


At ANM Group we pride ourselves on our drive to succeed, to diversify when needed, and be quick in adapting to external market factors. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s taught us the importance of flexibility. To be able to respond swiftly to fast-changing and challenging circumstances.

As Chief Executive, I am proud to say we have excelled at this during the many months of unprecedented challenge brought on by a global pandemic. A pandemic which none of us could have predicted, and dealt with against the backdrop of Brexit which brings its own set of challenges for our industry. Our ANM community pulled together during these tough months with an outstanding effort from our staff to continue trading. Together with the support of our members, customers and stakeholders we dealt with this most difficult situation.

So I am thrilled to celebrate Coop Fortnight, and celebrate our members who are the bedrock of everything we do. ANM Group has coop values at its core as a community-owned business. We are people-centred, and have proudly shared the proceeds of our success with our members since 1872.

Over the last twelve months, our focus on member benefits has increased, resulting in  a continued and steady growth of new members. Those who choose to join us benefit from livestock commission rates from as low as 3% and in 2020 our members saved over £206,000 in commissions due to our industry-leading rates.

Investing in a traditional co-operative model pays dividends not only to us as a business but to our shareholders, and the more who join, the more we can give back to our members. As we approach our 150th year, we are proud to reward the loyalty of our members who invest in our co-operative and share in our success. So to each and every one of our members, we thank you for being part of Our ANM.