Auctioneer offers sales advice and encourages farmers to Think Thainstone


ANM auctioneer Rory Livesey provides sale advice and encourages Angus and Perthshire farmers to Think Thainstone during the autumn sales season.
The ‘Think Thainstone’ campaign launched by the Mart has been well-received by the farming community and widely reported on by agricultural media which continues to raise the profile of the Aberdeenshire-based Mart and the benefits of using its auction ring.
The opening of the AWPR has made Thainstone more accessible than ever before and customers are seeing savings between 45 to 60 minutes when travelling North. Farmers get paid on the day, receive free overnight lairage for their stock and there is also online bidding at major auctions and regular video streaming of sales for those unable to attend in person.
Mr Livesey is reporting an increase in store lambs coming forward for sale at Thainstone. He said: “The market is a bit cautious at the moment and we are seeing more store lamb producers looking to sell their stock ahead of the impending Brexit date. With a lot of lamb finishers in Aberdeenshire, Thainstone regularly has a large and active ringside of buyers competing for stock.
“It’s been a good year for grass growth and farmers are grazing their store cattle for as long as possible. We may see more numbers coming on to the market in October time. Thainstone has two Friday shows and sales of calves on 27th September and 11th October which present an ideal opportunity to sell calves that have reached peak condition.”
Trade for yearling autumn calves has been good but at reduced levels, which is currently affected by prime cattle prices reaching only up to £1,300 or £3.30 to £3.40 per kg deadweight. However, a good one-year-old bullock at 430kg to 450kg can achieve over £900. With ample supplies of straw and feeding barley readily available on the market, lower feeding costs are anticipated this winter.
Spring calves are expected to arrive at Thainstone towards the end of October and onwards, and Mr Livesey advises customers that although prices aren’t guaranteed, there will be a lot of feed supplies this winter and feeding producers will be looking for cattle. There is a market for all type of stock at Thainstone and regular sales take place throughout the year.
Mr Livesey commented: “This year has been very good for straw and barley crop production which is a big improvement on last year. I encourage customers looking to buy cattle to come to Thainstone, particularly if you’ve got plenty of feed for the winter ahead.”