Sale of North County Cheviot Rams, Ram Lambs & Females. Sale of all classes of HISHA & Non HISHA Breeding Gimmers


Show & Sale of 110 North County Cheviot Rams, Ram Lambs & Females.
Show & Sale of 1,500 HISHA & Non HISHA Breeding Gimmers.

Show & Sale of North Country Cheviot Rams Kindly Sponsored Natural Stockcare.

 Show 8.30am               Sale 10.30am
Entries Incl 
L S Flett Nistaben, Harray x 3; J Rosie, Skirza Croft x 3;  John Forbes, Upper Boultach x 2
The Queen Elizabeth, Castle of Mey Trust Longoe Farm x 8; C & I Angus, Oldfield x 6; W Campbell, The Maltings x2
Selena Swanson, Framside x 9; J & W Mackay, Biggins x10; J Baillie & Co. Sebay  x 10; J  & J Smith, Upper Cornquoy  x 6;
H H & A Swanson, Tister Farm  x 2; H Mill, Achscrabster Farm  x 5; K & R Sutherland, Hilliclay x 6;
D N Campbell & Sons, Bardnaclavan x 10; Jacqueline Mackay, Henderson Square x 2; Andrew Polson, Roadside, Smerlie x 7
R & N Barclay, Harestone x 5; A G Simpson, Cairnside x 6; G Cormack & Sons, Wester x 6; Mrs S J Mccarthy, Myrelandhorn x 2. 

Show & Sale of 1,500 All Classes of Breeding  Gimmers 

Show 12.30pm                  Sale  1pm
Entries Incl- 
Cheviot- Smidyquoy(Reaster, Overton, Cairnside Bred); Smerlie; Biggins: St Johns Wells; Yeldabreck;
Brackside; Newton, Swiney; Aylwin; The Crofts; Lower Toftingall; Mossburn; Quoybrae.

HB- Yeldabreck.

ChvMules- Wardhead

Mules- Smithy House; Killimster Mains; Wardhead; Westerloch.

Continentals - 3 Skail; Smerral, Thirdpart; Trantlemore; Balnahard; Newton; Skirza Croft. 


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