Weekly Sale of 1,050 Store and Breeding Cattle


Friday 15th January 2021 at 10.00am in Ring 2
Weekly Sale of 1,050 Store and Breeding Cattle including 6 Young Calves, 10 Young Bulls and Sale of Aberdeen-Angus and Native Breeds Stores

Store Cattle Entries - 160 Ex Orkney (27 Aberdeen Angus Langskaill and Quanterness; 21 Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn Howe and Northskaill; 20 Aberdeen Angus Vetquoy and Binscarth; 20 Aberdeen Angus Spring Valley and Little Hackland; 20 Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn Netherton; 20 Charolais Yarpha and Faravald; 10 Stabiliser Calves Fersness) 50 Heifers Clunycrichton; 50 Waterside of Forbes, East Sinnahard/Nether Drumallochie; 40 Aberdeen Angus Elsick Farms; 40 Charolais Steers Tomnavoulin; 36 North Cranna; 30 Charolais Cross Steers Carden Livestock; 30 Milton of Noth; 28 Braemorlich; 26Newton of Auchindoir; 25 Shorthorn Kincraigie; 25 North Bethelnie, Westfield; 24 Nether Tillygarmond, Wester Tillathrowie; 21 Coldhome; 20 Steers North Balnoon and 20 Cairnbeathie, Belnaboth, Bogie Street, South Byebush, Home Farm of Auchry, Ternemny, Nether Kirkton.

Breeding Cattle Entries: 12 Simmental Cross Heifers, scanned in calf to Limousin bull due from 15th February to 30th April, Backhill of Seggat; 6 Simmental Cross Cows, pd'd in calf to Charolais, Aberdeen Angus and Saler bulls due April/May, Redland, Stromness; 3 Limousin Cross Heifers, in calf to Limousin bull due March/April South Byebush; 5 Simmental Cross Cows, in calf to red Aberdeen Angus bull, running with bull from 8th May East Lediken; 3 Saler Heifers, pd'd in calf to Saler bull due March/April Milton of Cullerlie; 2 Simmental and Saler Cross Heifers, in calf East Lediken; 2 Simmental Cross Cows with Autumn born calves at foot, been running with red Aberdeen Angus bull East Lediken; 1 Limousin Bull 'Lammermuir Pearl', 2019 born Fodderletter and 1 Saler Bull, 4 years old East Howe.


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